Exclusive Resorts

Everyone has a different idea about what type of vacation is for them. Luckily, with Exclusive Resorts, vacationers can experience a number of vacation spots without having to sacrifice quality. Exclusive Resorts has locations in Colorado, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and other popular locations, and that’s just the beginning.

If a tourist loves to travel to exotic locations but doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of hotels, the luxury villas offered may be an option. These homes are spread out around the world, and they are in desirable locations. Vacationers can find themselves deep in the jungles or high atop mountains. Those who love beaches can enjoy a home that walks onto the sand, and the best part is, they can choose a new villa each time they travel for the ultimate experience. The homes are in metropolitan locations like Chicago, Las Vegas, and Paris, as well as beach areas like Kiawah Island and Kapalua Bay in Maui. These options are ideal for families and those who want to get away, since the entire house is there to use, instead of a simple hotel room.

Exclusive Resorts also offers experience packages, so tourists can see the best of the area they are visiting. This trip might be the only time a person visits the area, so the packages are designed to take patrons to exciting and beautiful locations. In India, vacationers may come face-to-face with elephants and taste the foods of the area, while in Ireland they may find themselves touring the farm-like countryside and living in a castle that is hundreds of years old. There are opportunities for these exciting packages all around the world, so those interested in culture, history, art, or nature will be able to find the perfect journey for them.

Those who dream about having access to back-stage passes and meeting the top people of restricted fields will love the exclusive events that they can take part in. These events define Exclusive Resorts, since they are members-only activities. These activities range from exclusive passes to the Super Bowl to heading to NYC Fashion Week to interact with all the top models and designers of the generation. These prestigious events are difficult to access as a member of the public, but with help from the company, vacationers can have the kind of access they have always dreamed about. What is even better is that patrons don’t just get to go to the events. They will have VIP access, along with backstage passes, meaning they will be up-close and personal with some of the most impressive and famous people of the times. There is a guided tour that allows visitors to see all the work and labor put into these high-class productions, and even better, the tours are given after hours, so visitors don’t have to struggle through the hustle and bustle of the work day. It may be advised to take cameras and more so patrons can remember the trip, but remember that some VIP areas will be restricted, so ask before taking any photos.