10 Top Tips for Airport Parking

Holidays are a special occasion, so you’ll want to do all you can to ensure the experience is as relaxing as possible. Sometimes, the added extras such as airport parking can be a cause for concern – adding to your money worries and increasing the length of your to do list. To avoid any unnecessary stresses about airport parking, here are 10 top tips to help you out – ensuring you can spend time enjoying yourself instead of worrying.

1. Budget for your airport parking

Incorporate your parking spend into the overall budget for your holiday, so you don’t see the pennies adding up further down the line.

2. Be savvy when booking your flights

If you’re not careful, the timing of your flights may increase your spending on parking. For example, if you arrive home at 12.30am, that extra half an hour may cost you another day’s worth of parking. Think about this when you book your holiday.

3. Book ahead

By booking as far in advance as possible, you’ll get the best deals on your airport parking and the pick of the services available. Wait until the last minute, and you’re likely to pay the price.

4. Ask about cancellations

Find out if there’s a cancellation fee for your parking prior to booking, so you’re aware of this up-front.

5. Look for offers

From time to time, there may be great discounts available online for airport parking – so try searching voucher code sites for the best deals around.

6. Check the facilities

Is the parking secure? Is a shuttle service provided free of charge, or at an added cost? Find out now to avoid disappointment later on.

7. Take directions

There’s nothing worse than starting your holiday in a frenzied panic, trying to find the car park. Be prepared and use a sat nav or ask your passenger to provide directions from a print-off or via their phone.

8. Prepare for delays

Find out what to do if your flight is delayed – including how to contact your airport parking service to arrange an alternative pick-up time from the airport.

9. Ask about your pick up point

Make sure you know where the pick-up point is for your parking shuttle service – so you can avoid any stress on the way home.

10. Remove perishables from your car

Bin any perishable items in your car before you go – you don’t want to be greeted with the stench of rotten food upon your return.

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