Choose A Wedding Vacation

In the last decade, people have been selecting vacation wedding packages more and more each year and for very good reason. As a matter of fact, my wife and I decided on a holiday wedding combination many years ago, when these types of weddings were very rare, unless of course you were running away to Vegas and getting married overnight in one of the hundreds of wedding chapels located in the city.

Choosing a wedding travel package really makes a lot of sense and can save you thousands of dollars at the same time. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it just makes sense in today’s world to choose one of these weddings.

Traditional Weddings Can Be Very Expensive

The first and foremost is total cost of your wedding and honeymoon versus that of a traditional formal wedding held at home. As you are probably aware, a traditional wedding alone can cost you thousands of dollars! This is just for the wedding and reception alone and depending on how extravagant you may get, there really is no end to the final cost of such a wedding. Then you have the honeymoon expense afterwards to deal with.

Vacation package weddings can be far less expensive and there are choices available to suit almost anyone’s budget. Most all – inclusive resorts around the world offer wonderful wedding packages combined with amazing vacation deals for the whole wedding party traveling. As well, most major cruise lines also offer fantastic wedding packages for groups of any size. Today’s cruise ships now come complete with private wedding chapels onboard where one can be married by the Captain and later enjoy your very own private reception party! Sail away on a cruise vacation and get married at the same time!

Enjoy Everything in One Place at One Price

No need to worry about travel to and from the church, for photographs and then on to another location for your reception. Whether you choose a resort holiday or cruise vacation, everything can be handled in one location at one affordable price. No need to stress over planning that special moment, just select a qualified travel agent in your area and they will handle all the details for you at no extra charge. How easy is that!

Planning Your Wedding Vacation Can Be Fun

Invite your guests, choose that perfect holiday destination, set a budget and start planning. Your travel agent will offer all kinds of suggestions and helpful tips to plan that perfect wedding and honeymoon combined. The more people attending, the better group price for you, your family and friends. With planning this type of wedding well in advance, gives everyone the opportunity to join in your special day and combine their vacation at the same time.

Choosing a destination wedding package really does make sense. Combine that all inclusive vacation with a special wedding package for memories that will last a lifetime!

Robert Tellier – A passion for travel and with over 35 years experience in the Travel Industry, I now enjoy sharing travel information, tips, destinations, photos, videos and so much more, helping to make your family travel stress-free and enjoyable.