Tips For Finding Friendly Quality Budget Accommodation Around The World

There is one quandary that all travelers can have and that is obtaining the right type of accommodation. It can be difficult to find suitable lodgings in some parts of the world, particularly in countries that are far from home, and especially finding accommodation that falls within your budget.

The internet, as usual, is the greatest source of information about even the remotest parts of the world, and every place worth it’s salt will have a representational listing. A check of accommodation and or information bureaux will usually yield some worthwhile results. Someone, somewhere will have a bed for you that will be suitable and at the right price!

The following are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Stay with acquaintances

One of the best ways to get inexpensive accommodation in another country, place or city is to have a friend who lives in that place, and ask them if it is okay to stay there for a while!

Although this would be ideal, the problem is that we usually don’t have friends in the right places and even if we did, this could pose an imposition on them.


These places are great for budget travelers who are on an economical holiday. They usually have several different grades of accommodation, from dormitory style rooms, where you are sharing with four or five others and share bathroom facilities; through to individual or twin rooms with an en-suite bathrooms.

They are generally adequately appointed and friendly, having shared cooking and lounge facilities. They are probably better suited to younger people including backpackers, but they are none-the-less practicable for the young at heart!

Budget Hotels

Budget hotels are a decided step up from hostels, and are usually quite well-appointed, again friendly with Wi-Fi, luggage storage and sometimes a free car park. Budget hotels are a little more expensive than hostels but the outlay is warranted.

They usually have a cafe and bar attached and often a small travel bureau. The rooms range from single to double or twin, usually with en-suite facilities and television. With luck they may also be centrally located and where all the “action” happens!

You will meet like-minded fellow-travelers there who will be interested in seeing the sights and sampling the local cultural activities, so you will not be short of company, should you desire it. Many life-long friendships have originated from oases like these.

Bed and Breakfast

Many people are now offering a room in their own homes to visitors. This is usually a very friendly affair and you will often be treated as one of the family. It may include all meals, not just breakfast and you may experience some wonderful local cuisine.

Lifetime friendships can evolve through this experience, however, this is normally a bit more expensive than the options listed above and you may not feel as free to come and go as you wish.

The above are but a few of the options available for you on your travels. The most salient feature about all of the above accommodations is that they are all socially orientated and you will meet lots of people and if you so desire it, make many friends – some for a lifetime!

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