Beach Town Hotels

When you are contemplating a vacation in a seaside resort there are a few things besides the rates that you need to consider when booking your accommodations. Hotels and condos are not all created equal and you will enjoy your stay a lot more if you take a few things into consideration before you decide which place is going to suit your needs and expectations the best.

The first thing to consider is the three words “location, location, location”. In any beach resort there are places to stay right on the beach, some a block or two away, and others that are on the opposite side of town. Just because it has the appealing words like “seaside” or “ocean view” in the name of the facility doesn’t mean that the place actually sits right on the waterfront. Do a little research and check out exactly where in town it sits with a map or on-line mapping site to find out if you can walk to the beach or have to take a cab. Also note that just because some hotels sit on the beach doesn’t mean that every room looks out to the ocean. Be sure to reserve a room with a view if you can.

The next things to consider are the amenities that you desire. Do you want a restaurant and bar right where you are staying? If so, then look into full service resorts that feature those things. How about a swimming pool? Sure, you can swim in the ocean, but salt water may not always be what you want to swim in and a cool dip in an actual pool is a lot less hassle than having to deal with surf, sand and stingrays. How about nightlife? Do you want to dance the night away and not have to worry about how you get back to your room? Then look for a place that has a nightclub attached to the facility.

Then you also want to decide on whether hotels or condos are going to suit your needs best. Condos offer you more of a relaxed environment where you can cook, entertain, and usually have their own deck to sit on and a living room to chill out in. Hotels usually offer you a lot more amenities but unless you book a suite, your room will not be have a living room separate from the bedroom and you will end up sitting on a bed with pillows behind you whenever you are in the room. If you are the kind of person that spends most of your time out and about and just use the room to sleep in, then that’s probably your best choice.

There are some resorts that offer the best of both worlds…Condos that are part of a complex that also offers room service, restaurants and bars, night clubs and swimming pools with bar service. They function like hotels, but give you the privacy and space of your own little beach house. For a longer stay these places are ideal and worth the extra money.

Remember that a vacation is supposed to be a fun experience, so put a little bit of research and thought into it so you come home with a smile.